About Us

Hygiene Products & Washroom Services from HSG

At HSG, we offer 3 main services:

Retro-fit Water & Money Saving Washroom Devices – UK Wide Service.

We can provide washroom products and fit out your public washrooms. Whether you have just a couple of washrooms or hundreds, we have a capable, professional team who can ensure you make savings quickly whilst helping the environment. Find out more about our Washroom Services to save money & water.

Buy Washroom Products and Consumables online

We have a range of washroom products and consumables to purchase online, all at great prices and with a speedy delivery! See our range of Washroom Products

General Washroom Services – The Midlands and South Yorkshire, Derby, Nottingham.

We offer general washroom services including servicing sani-bins, soap dispensers, hand dryers etc.

It is very easy to talk about customer service and produce glossy brochures and websites that make nice promises to customers, but it is much harder to put such things into practice month in and month out.

Many customers choose HSG because they are tired with their current suppliers. A constant procession of missed services, incorrect billing, telephone calls not returned or just poor servicing (items not emptied or filled properly).

This is where HSG differ.

Washroom Services

In real terms washroom hygiene should be a service that doesn’t cause you headaches. It is very easy to do it right!

HSG are based in Derby and have built a reputation over the last 10 years for reliability and quality. If we agree to service your site every 4 weeks, you will see us every 4 weeks. We will only bill you for the products you have, not the products you don’t have! You won’t receive bills you don’t understand and there will be no hidden extras such as charges for Duty Of Care Certification that you weren’t told about by that ‘polished salesperson!’

HSG have customers that have been customers since our inception – that is 10 years. Such statistics would not be possible if we provided a poor service. If you choose HSG to be your washroom services provider, we’ll do exactly what we say on the tin; a great, solid and reliable service with great products.

You will receive your own dedicated account manager. You will have their mobile telephone number. If you have a query or issue with any aspect of your account, you can speak to them directly. You won’t spend 30 minutes on the telephone to a call centre with no resolution at the end of it!

Please feel free to browse our website and look at our testimonials. Above all, if you become a customer of HSG, you would be exactly that – a customer – not a corporate number!’

Each of our services are provided in different areas of the uk. For washroom hygiene services, we offer this in a smaller geographical area, covering the East Midlands. However, for our products and consumables, we can deliver throughout mainland UK and we also offer our Ureco & Water management services throughout the UK. We are expanding all the time so will keep updating our coverage areas!