HSG UK – Contract Expiry Reminder Service

“Sorry, you have missed your cancellation date and your contract has rolled into another year”

Nothing is more frustrating to hear! – especially when the company in question has provided years of poor service.

HSG can help you! You’ll never get caught out again!

If you would like to submit your details below, we will send you an email when your contract is due for renewal. Even if you do not want to receive a quote from us, that’s fine, we’ll still let you know – We just have a ‘bee in our bonnet’ with regard to contract rollover and poor service!

We will hold the information on our system ready to email you around 12 weeks before your cancellation notice is due.

We will also give you a quick email on receipt to confirm we have received the details.



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Please note that this is a free service, but we cannot accept any liability for loss should the reminder system fail to work in any way.