Cleaning and Maintaining the Ureco Water Management System

Cleaning Guide for Existing Ureco Customers

Thank you for selecting HSG’s Ureco Water Management System for your washrooms!

Caring for Your Ureco

You are now making substantial savings on your water bills and making your washroom a fresh and more pleasant environment for your customers.

The Ureco system is enzyme based and will require use of our own specialist cleaning materials which were provided when the system was installed.

You will have received training on how to clean and care for the Ureco along with an information pack containing a paper copy of cleaning instructions.

Our service team will be attending your site every 3 months to supply you with new cleaning solutions and check / replace the system as required so please ask if you require further training or support.

Please visit HSG’s YouTube Channel for an instructional video about how to clean effectively after the Ureco has been installed.

Video Link – Caring for Your Ureco

The video has been produced as a visual guide to cleaning and maintaining your system so please share this with your cleaning staff. If the Ureco system is maintained to the highest standard by your own cleaning team then it is guaranteed to produce excellent results in your washrooms.

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