HSG Sponsor Cyclist’s ‘One Year Time Trial’

HSG are proud sponsors of Steven Abraham’s ‘One Year Time Trial’

Steven Abraham is attempting to cycle more than 75,065 miles in 2015 and has spent several years preparing for this attempt on Tommy Godwin’s record set in 1939.

He has to average over 205 miles a day, every day, for a year.
Steve’s attempt starts on the 1st of January 2015.

Steve has a huge amount of experience in riding long-distances and pushing himself to find his limits. He has many trophies from Audax UK and has competed many times in 24hr time trials with respectable results.

The UMCA (Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association) has now agreed to act as validating body for this attempt.

Steve is an advocate of sustainability and has never learned to drive. Instead, he prefers to travel primarily by bicycle and likes the idea of saving, not wasting resource such as food and water. HSG admire this ethos and as a water saving company, whole-heartedly offer our support and best wishes to Steve on his journey.

Steve needs volunteers to help with routes, accommodation and maintenance. You can volunteer by going to his website. Steve also needs finance. This will be an expensive undertaking just in terms of equipment. He also has to finance all his food and living expenses during a year away from work. You can donate via his website also.

Further information is being added to his website regularly so please visit:



Good luck from all at HSG!

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