HSG’s “Ureco Water Management System” and “The RBS Innovation Gateway”

Here is our latest Press Release telling you all about our exciting involvement with the RBS Innovation Gateway:

The RBS Innovation Gateway

Press Release

 Local innovator shortlisted by RBS in national search for new ‘green’ ideas


Ureco Water Management

Ureco Water Management

A local innovator with a brilliant new idea for saving water and waste has been shortlisted for the RBS Innovation Gateway.

HSG UK submitted their ground-breaking idea – The Ureco Water Management System – after RBS called on innovators and small businesses (SMEs) to come forward with new eco-ideas for the bank’s 2,500 buildings around the UK. HSG UK is one of the first companies to make it onto the shortlist.

The RBS Innovation Gateway, which is led by Marcela Navarro, Head of Customer Innovation at RBS, has three aims; to help RBS save more energy, water and waste, to nurture new, brilliant innovations and to help local inventors take their ideas to market.

Mark Forester, UK Business Development Manager at HSG UK, explains:

“The Ureco Water Management System is a fully tried and tested product which has been designed to reduce the running costs of a typical urinal, whilst improving the efficiency, aesthetics and overall washroom environment. Using the latest in enzyme and urinal sleeve technology, in partnership with our innovative Uretech Water Manager – the Ureco instantly reduces water usage, eradicates urinal malodours, removes crystallised uric salt blockages and urine stained traps, making the Ureco a must for every urinal.”

HSG UK based on Pride Park in Derby, are specialists in washroom water conservation. Mark, of HSG UK, continues:  “Our installation teams retro-fit The Ureco Water Management System in urinals across the length and breadth of the country. Whether a company or organisation has just a couple of urinals or hundreds, once our products are installed, financial savings will be made immediately. Our clients also have the knowledge that they are reducing their impact on the environment and helping to protect our most valuable resource.

HSG UK was one of over 140 companies from across the UK who submitted an idea to the RBS Innovation Gateway when the bank launched the project in March this year.

Their idea went before an independent panel of experts put together by RBS, including academics from Cambridge University and business leaders from major companies such as Carillion, who assessed each idea and decided which ones had made it onto the shortlist.

“As a company we are both proud and elated to have been shortlisted by the panellists. RBS is a well-respected organisation which has the potential to bring our products to a new market. We have confidence in the benefits of our products so it is advantageous to have the backing of a major corporation like RBS and we would appreciate any endorsement of our services as a result of this process.

We have enjoyed the whole experience thus far, from meeting the RBS Team to attending the invaluable   Workshops RBS have provided. The innovation Gateway is a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to demonstrate the viability of their products and prove their worth. We are constantly building our brand reputation and enabling clients to improve washrooms and save water. With the backing of RBS and The Gateway, we are hopeful that the exposure can also enable us to reach potential clients that previously have proven difficult to access.

If successful, the next step for market ready ideas will be a trial on the RBS estate, including buildings and branches. All successful concepts will receive a grant to develop their ideas further.

“Our ‘Ureco Water Management System’ stands out for several notable reasons. The Ureco itself is pH neutral and biodegradable so this means that there is no detrimental effect to the environment through waste generation. We pride ourselves on our environmental credentials which are of huge importance to us.

The Ureco has an integrated 100% odour lock preventing unpleasant malodours entering the washrooms. Once installed the urinal system is then set to flush between two and four times per day saving many thousands of litres of fresh potable water.  The Ureco contains billions of friendly bacteria which when released into pipework, removes build-up of uric salts and lime scale, creating further savings on potentially high maintenance costs.

RBS has a large number of sites where we can demonstrate the many benefits The Ureco Water Management System can offer. Results from our installations are fully measurable. With a relatively untapped market, it is our hope that this shortlisting will enable us to gain new clients and show them the huge monitory savings which can be achieved, at the same time helping the UK to become more water efficient”.

The shortlisted companies like HSG UK will now receive a huge range of support from RBS including:

  • Expertise to help accelerate their innovation to market
  • Practical support and insights from the RBS Innovation Panel
  • Access to the RBS Property Team and online events
  • Connecting and collaborating with other leading innovators.

The RBS Innovation Gateway is a live project, so innovators who have missed the first round can apply now to enter round two.

The Ureco

The Ureco Design

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