About 6 months ago, as part of Toyoda Gosei’s environmental commitment, I started investigating water saving solutions for our washrooms. From the outset HSG’s levels of enthusiasm for their products and commitment to the project were second to none.
Even before we see the cost savings, the benefits of the ureco system and the air fresheners are obvious and the improvement in the washroom environment has been noticed by employees, cleaners and visitors alike.

The service is truly first class with the HSG support team and engineers going above and beyond the call of duty to help me with ‘niggles’ caused by our existing washroom fittings.
I would highly recommend both the products and service provided by the HSG UK team.

PS Charlotte is fabulous and deserves a massive pay rise!

Kelly Hanson
Toyoda Gosei


“Pleasure Beach Blackpool has used HSG UK for a number of years, during which time they have proved that their Ureco and Water Management products really do work, where others have failed. HSG offer a first class service backed up by a knowledgeable and friendly team”

Kev Barratt
Controls & Quality Engineer

“The Ureco was installed by Hygienex at our largest site in Derby with a minimum of disruption and has since proved its worth in water savings and odour control. We have seen our annual water consumption drop by almost 8,000 cubic metres (c£15,800) since the installation and are now rolling out the product to our next site in Derby.”

Anne Downes
Energy Officer
Derby University

“I am the Housekeeping Manager here at the National Ice Centre and Trent FM Arena. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend HSG to you and to anyone looking for a complete washroom services partner.

HSG installed the URECO system throughout the National Ice Centre and Trent FM Arena. We had a few teething problems with our urinals at the start due to our pipework design. The URECO does what it says on the tin but what sets these guys apart is that they don’t just install and leave you to it. They worked on the pipework until it was right and followed this up with regular visits and even came in on a busy event to make sure all was as it should be.

When we went through the tendering process for our hygiene services, there were a number of companies that were bigger than HSG and a few that quote less. The overriding factor for me was the feeling that I knew I could work with them and that they were all about the standard of service and looking after the customer’s needs. I was sure (and proven right) that any washroom problems I had, I could pick up the phone and they would go over and above in helping me with a solution.

I have been unfortunate to have had dealings with a few unscrupulous companies in this industry so I am happy to speak up for a team of people who are the complete opposite”


“After winning the Public Sector Water Efficiency Award 2007, Nottingham City Council is looking at new methods of further reducing its annual water consumption. Working with HSG UK, Ureco was shown as an opportunity to further reduce urinal water consumption and help reduce maintenance costs.

With a flush cycle of 2 times per day, NCC have calculated that the ‘payback’ period of the product is significantly shorter than any of its nearest competitors. With correct installation and servicing, the Ureco will save NCC a considerable amount of money across the duration of our contract.

We have been particularly pleased with the smell of the product, the odour lock system is very important from the customers perception. Having had the Ureco’s installed within our offices, it has provided the ideal ‘test bed’ for a roll out programme to all Council buildings. Prior to installation of the Ureco, our urinals had historic issues of blockages, bad smells and high water consumption. These issues have since been eradicated with the installation of the Ureco urinal sleeve system”

Gareth Edwards
NCC Energy Efficiency Team
Nottingham City Council

“We were introduced to the Ureco over 6 months ago – initially myself and Stuart Manning (also of South Derbyshire District Council) were very sceptical about the system following unsuccessful trials of other similar products – even including a waterless system, which incidentally was unsuccessful and removed after just 3 weeks.

It was only down to the persistence of HSG that we preceded initially with a trial. We began to experience the positives of the Ureco system within days of installation. The Ureco created a much improved washroom environment, even our cleaning personnel have commented positively on the subtle Ureco fragrance but even more so on how effective the Ureco urinal bowl cleaner is working – admitting they have also been using this in our female washrooms.

Overall the trial experience was very encouraging and this alongside the 47% financial saving and 82% water saving the Ureco offered South Derbyshire District Council across our urinals, we were keen to have the system installed throughout our sites. The way it was viewed within the Council was simply the quicker we installed the sites the quicker we would witness the financial savings.

Over the past 3 months since the contract was awarded, HSG have always exceeded our expectations – Overall we are very pleased with the Ureco and the service backed up by HSG UK and would I would recommend the Ureco highly to any organisation”

Lee Carter
Repairs and Improvements Manager
South Derbyshire District Council

“All too often people complain about bad service, but seem to forget when everything is going well.

I thought you might appreciate this message, which highlights my findings.

Main differences (over other urinal sleeve systems tried) from my perspective,

    • Odour lock – is far more effective on the Ureco system.
    • The sickly smell of the originally fitted system is no comparison to the clean, fresh, minty smell of the Ureco system.
    • I’ve been able to reduce my business water consumption even further, and urinals are flushed only once a day now.
    • Each Ureco insert lasts a full three months even in our busy environment.
    • Overall, I’m very pleased with the system and the no fuss service Ureco have provided”

Ron Martin
Facilities Officer
Stafford Borough Council

“We have been using the HSG UK URECO Urinal system in the Kilkenny River Court Hotel since October 2008.

Up to that point, almost 10% of our water usage was passing through our public urinals with a substantial cost to us.

This system has reduced this figure by 60% giving us large savings with no side effects such as foul odours or maintenance problems.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any colleague and if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me”

Colin Ahern
General Manager
Kilkenny River Court Hotel