4 Easy Ways to Save Water in the Workplace

Date posted: 17.03.2023

A study by South Staffordshire Water found that a staggering 90% of water consumption in an office is attributed to the washroom. So, seeking out more water-efficient washrooms should be at the top of any agenda for an effective corporate water-saving strategy.


Before we even get into how you can reduce this astronomical figure, you should first ensure that none of your appliances are wasting water.

This is because a slow-dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 litres of water a year, with a leaking toilet cistern wasting a colossal 109,500 litres a year on average. Combined, this water consumption would add £300 a year to your water bill on average. A leaking tap is easy to spot, but a leaking toilet can easily go unnoticed, this reinforced by a Thames Water study which found that 5-8% of all toilets are leaky. This means that it is likely at least one of your toilets is silently, and quite literally, throwing your money down the drain.

However, before you run to your bathrooms to check for leaks, continue reading to find out how we can help.

Eco Flushing

Toilet flushing accounts for a massive 43% of an office’s water consumption, and improving a toilet’s efficiency needn't be expensive.

The dual flush system is great by principle, but the aforementioned Thames Water study found that fitting a dual flush system to older toilets can quickly cause leaks, sometimes within a week, and replacing entire toilets is an expensive affair.

Our Ureflush provides a low-cost, retrofit alternative to the dual flush system, whilst having the potential to save even more water per flush and not creating potential for leaks. Furthermore, we implement signage which not only demonstrates your eco intent, but also educates the user on how to use Ureflush, increasing the use rate over a dual flush system.

Water Manager

Urinal flushing accounts for at least 20% water consumption in the office, however, unlike toilets, it is largely unnecessary to have this much water passing through urinals. The industry standard fill and flush operation, once every 15 minutes or 96 per day, means a single cistern can consume nearly 400,000 litres of water per year.

Paired with our Queen’s Award-winning Ureco urinal sleeve, the Uretech allows flushes to be reduced from 96 daily to just 4 daily, without the worry of blockages and smells occurring. The Ureco does this by dispensing bio-enzymes each time the urinal is used, breaking down scale, whilst releasing a pleasant inbuilt fragrance to improve the overall washroom experience.

Furthermore, because of the massive potential water savings to be had, the Ureco system is often only a small investment or even cost saving thanks to the reduction in utility bills - you can view some of our success stories here.

Tap Flow

Handwashing accounts for 27% of water consumption in the office. Instead of completely replacing your old taps with more efficient units, our Uretap provides a cost effective solution that is even more efficient than the traditional aerator.

The Uretap is an easy to fit, low cost solution that provides fantastic cleaning performance. It reduces tap flow from 15 litres to just 2 litres per minute by cleverly tapping in to the natural surface tension properties of water to form a wide and thin blade of water.

To conclude, the washroom has the potential to use copious amounts of water, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Not only do we offer a unique portfolio of cost effective, water saving products, but we aim to fix leaks whilst on site to maximise your water and money savings.

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