How Does Ureco Reduce CO2?

Date posted: 29.08.2023

Ureco’s recipe for success is simple. It reduces water consumption, which benefits the environment, therefore you don’t have to pay as much for water, which is fantastic for your finances, and it improves your washrooms, which improves the experience for everyone within your organisation. A triple win.

We often boast about Ureco’s CO2 reduction too, but how does this work exactly? To quote our Managing Director, Simon Rice, “Most people are not aware that the majority of fresh drinking water that is used in a commercial premises goes through the urinals.” That’s right, the water passing through urinals is the very same water we drink, cook, and clean with. And urinals use a lot of it when unmanaged.

The idea that we might not have enough water to go around is a scary concept, made even scarier when we remember that 1 in 4 people do not have a reliable source of potable water in 2023. The idea that urinals are wasting millions of litres of this life-sustaining resource every day is just as daunting a concept. Just one Ureco has the potential to save 315,000 litres of water per year per urinal - enough to provide 5 people with drinking water for a lifetime - demonstrating the importance of adopting measures to preserve water.

So, what about CO2? Ureco’s CO2 savings stem from an aspect of drinking water we rarely consider. As soon as you turn on a tap, flush a toilet, or run your washing machine, clean drinking water is immediately turned into wastewater. This wastewater then visits a wastewater treatment plant (no prizes for guessing what happens next) and this process ultimately produces CO2.

This means that reducing water consumption also reduces your CO2 emissions thanks to the reduction in wastewater that would otherwise get treated. Scale these savings up to a business like Motorpoint, and their CO2 emissions have been reduced by 9.2 tonnes a year - the equivalent emissions of driving a petrol car for 30,000 miles - thanks to the Ureco.

Scaling this up again to our total annual water savings, which were a staggering 1.276 billion litres in 2022, we prevented a massive 537.09 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere - it would take 24,702 trees a whole year to absorb this much carbon dioxide.

So there you have it. No, Ureco is not a tiny carbon filter, it prevents CO2 emissions that would have otherwise been produced further down the line if it was not installed.

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