How to Unblock a Urinal - Permanently

Date posted: 26.01.2023

Urinals are highly susceptible to the buildup of odorous uric scale in the pipework, and over time, this scale causes blockages. These blockages cause headaches for cleaning and facilities teams, can get costly in terms of wasted water and the cost to unblock them, and worst of all, they reflect poorly on your company or property.

Britain tends to agree with the latter statement, as according to research by Cannon Hygiene, 97% of Brits would not return to a restaurant that has unclean and smelly washroom facilities; this startling figure highlights the importance of clean toilets at any establishment.

Furthermore, if you do not have the tools or simply the stomach to unblock a urinal yourself, according to Checkatrade it can cost £150 to have it professionally cleared. The problem with having a urinal cleared is that blockages and odours will quickly re-appear.

Urinal sleeves provide a proactive, ‘little and often’ approach to prevent scale build-up. Our Ureco system dispenses a small amount of its eco-friendly solution after each time the urinal is used or flushed. This solution is packed with bio-enzymes which feed on urine and colonise within the pipework. Furthermore, Ureco’s patented Odour Lock technology means that any smells are trapped within the pipework.

You are probably left wondering about the financial implications of installing such a system and this is where Ureco shows its two-fold benefits. Thanks to the bio-enzymes doing the hard work, we can substantially reduce the number of flushes with our Uretech water manager, which ultimately saves you money.

Ureco uses a lesswater approach, not to be confused with the often problematic waterless approach, which you can read more about in our Waterless vs Lesswater blog. This approach reduces flushes from the industry standard of 96 daily to our optimised cycle of 4 daily, equating to a saving of 315,000 litres of water per year, per cistern. Based on these figures, across just 8 cisterns, Ureco would fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in a year.

These water savings allow Ureco to be a small investment, cost-neutral or even cost-saving depending on current water usage.

No one wants to cross a blocked and odorous urinal, so instead of waiting for the inevitable, why not stop your urinals blocking and prevent smells for good?

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