How Ureco is Helping Staffordshire University Achieve Low Chemical Status

Date posted: 14.08.2023

Our partnership with Staffordshire University is projected to save a massive 27.5 million litres of water, £51,000 in utility bills, and 28.99 tonnes of CO2, truly staggering figures. However, beyond reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions, Staffordshire University saw one of Ureco’s less obvious benefits as a key factor in achieving its wider environmental endeavours.

Staffordshire University has pledged to become a low-chemical institution, which essentially means the University is looking to minimise chemical pollution to protect the environment. Before Ureco, the University was experiencing regular blockages in the urinals, which require harsh chemicals to be poured down its 116 urinals across the site to remove the blockage causing uric scale build-up.

Ureco adopts a little and often approach to uric scale build-up, by dispensing a small amount of bio-enzyme solution located in its bio-cap each time it is used. These enzymes break down the urine before it even has a chance to form scale, preventing blockages from occurring. Thanks to the bio-enzymes doing the hard work, we can install Uretech water managers to reduce water passing through the urinal by 96%.

Ureco’s bio-enzymes are completely eco-friendly, meaning they are much kinder to the environment than harsh urinal-clearing chemicals, thus helping the university fulfil its commitment to becoming a low-chemical institution.

Helen Rutherford, Head of Campus Facilities Management at Staffordshire University, has said:

“Water use in our toilets and urinals is not something that we often think about or like to think about, but these systems constantly use a lot of water to ensure that they work correctly and are clean and fresh, even on a quick flush programme.

“We chose Ureco because we wanted to install a technology which didn’t negatively impact the customer experience but also helped save water.

“Ureco allows our Cleaning Service Team to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals which are used on a regular basis, helping the University to fulfil its commitment of being a low chemical institution.”

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