HSG is Proudly a Partner of BASIS

Date posted: 19.09.2023

We are pleased to announce that HSG is teaming up with BASIS (the British Association for Sustainability in Sport). BASIS is the sustainability hub for the sports industry in the United Kingdom, having set out a clear and robust twelve-principle programme that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic implications of sporting organisations' operations.

Our partnership will assist BASIS in its mission to reduce the environmental impact and bolster the socio-economic influence of sports clubs, venues, and governing bodies through our extensive experience in water conservation.

BASIS has 86 members and counting, including the likes of Manchester City, the BBC, and the Aston Martin Formula One Team. This ever-growing network of established members demonstrates both the esteemed nature of the BASIS platform and how sustainability is at the forefront of sporting organisations’ agendas. As a partner of BASIS, we will endeavour to work with this extensive list of members for the wider adoption of our market-leading water-saving products, such as our Queen’s Award-winning Ureco System.

The Ureco System is comprised of the Ureco urinal sleeve and Uretech water manager and has the potential to save 315,000 litres of water per urinal cistern; which often provides a rapid return on investment thanks to a 96% reduction in water cost involving the urinals. The environmental savings don’t stop there either, as Ureco will also reduce CO2 emissions proportional to water savings, helping organisations reach net zero targets, you can read how it does this here.

The Ureco System achieves these massive water and CO2 savings by reducing flushes from 96 to just 4 daily, controlled by the intelligent Uretech water manager fitted to the urinal cistern. To eliminate the issues that would be faced by reducing flushes alone, the Ureco urinal sleeve is retrofitted into the existing urinals. Ureco dispenses eco-friendly bio-enzymes into the pipework each time the urinal is used to keep the pipework clear of problematic uric scale build-up.

Ureco also has a host of other benefits, including a patented Odour Lock system to keep odours at bay and the eradication of unsightly urinal blockages - these issues being all too common in high-footfall sites such as sporting venues.

The Ureco is already trusted by a wealth of household sporting names such as Wimbledon, Bolton Wanderers, and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), and having saved 1.27 billion litres of water and 537 tonnes of CO2 in 2022 alone, we are confident that our product offerings will offer a successful water-saving solution for sporting venues within the BASIS network.

To conclude, our partnership promises a more sustainable future for our beloved sports grounds, venues, and teams, facilitated by water savings, reduced CO2 emissions, and further spreading BASIS’s message across our channels. Furthermore, our partnership will improve the washroom experience at sports grounds, so no more unpleasant odours and out-of-order urinals causing fans to lose out on precious game time.

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