HSG Expands Services To Better Protect Workplaces

Date posted: 14.07.2020

Derby-based washroom hygiene services and water conservation specialists HSG have expanded their offer following feedback from local customers who have benefited from the company’s free Coronavirus-safe hygiene audits.

The company, based in Pride Park, have now launched HSG Disinfect & Protect which uses the latest technology to help keep workplaces hygienically safe for staff and visitors.

The first process available is HSG Disinfect & Protect 30 Day Protection which is a non-toxic substance that is sprayed, wiped or fogged onto surfaces.  It ruptures harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts so that they cannot mutate into superbugs and provides protection for up to 30 days. The second process is HSG Disinfect & Protect 1 Year Protection which has been proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces and purify air and water pollution for up to a year.  It has been developed with a wide range of premises in mind from hospitals and factories and shopping centres and sporting venues.

HSG managing director Simon Rice explained that the service expansion was in response to feedback from businesses who have sought help in re-opening premises post-lockdown.

“When advising businesses on the hygiene measures they should take to be Covid-safe, the question of what can be done to better protect workplaces in the short and medium terms has been a regular topic for discussion.

“Many said they wanted further services to tackle the transmission of disease on surfaces and were keen to have tighter systems in place moving forwards – particularly if there is a second spike in the pandemic.

“We have therefore researched and invested in two products that can provide a cost-effective treatment with instant impact and then ongoing protection for up to a year to tackle the spread of harmful and potentially deadly bacteria and viruses.”

“As a company, we continue to be focused on ensuring that first-class washroom facilities  continue to be everyone’s top priority and these two processes broaden the service and reassurance that we can provide to our customers and then their staff and visitors in turn.

“Our aim is to provide a broad spectrum of services to our customers with as much protection and reassurance as we can as we all adapt to the new normal at work, home and play.”

For more information please visit our Hygiene Audit section here.

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