HSG Helps First Businesses Prepare To Return

Date posted: 19.05.2020

Smith Partnership Solicitors are one of the first local companies to take advantage of fellow Bondholder HSG’s offer of a free Hygiene Audit to help them prepare for re-opening their offices for staff and clients.

HSG’s health and wellbeing assessment aims to give businesses peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their customers and staff moving forward.

Recommended solutions include appropriate positioning of hand sanitiser, upgrading soap and towel dispensers as well as new innovations such as no-touch door opening and social distancing reminder signs and floor mats.

HSG’s technical team has initially reviewed Smith Partnership’s head office in Friar Gate, Derby - visiting at a safe social distance - where partners are looking at a range of measures to ensure a safe return to work for some staff and appropriate access for clients.

Partner Fraser Cunningham explained: “We usually have around 100 people in the office in Friar Gate but during lockdown there have been about four on site at any one time.

“As well as considerations such as staggered work times for some staff and continued working from home for others, the environment in which we are bringing people back into is obviously hugely important.

“HSG’s Hygiene Audit has effectively been a fresh pair of eyes on how we can re-configure the offices to enable safe social distancing, where we need hand sanitiser stations and the positioning of signs and mats.

“The process has reassured us that the measures we had already considered are achievable and given us extra food for thought on issues we had not previously considered.

“Having been alerted to the offer through the Marketing Derby e-bulletin, it was also great to work with a fellow Bondholder who has the expertise to ensure we move forward with an appropriate plan in place.”

HSG Managing Director Simon Rice added: “We have had a good response to the Hygiene Audit offer – particularly from fellow Bondholders.

“Our technical team are currently visiting various workplaces – at a safe social distance – and compiling a report with recommendations on a number of simple measures that businesses can take as they start to re-open premises.

“We hope that this will give businesses peace of mind that they are fully prepared to re-open their doors and to provide reassurance to their staff and customers that measures have been taken to protect their health and well-being in these continued challenging times.”

To learn more about the HSG Hygiene Audit click here. Alternatively to book your free Hygiene Audit, email hygieneaudit@hsguk.com or call 0800 0327760.

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