HSG is Attending the InstallerSHOW with Wates

Date posted: 22.06.2023

We are thrilled about our participation at the InstallerSHOW, alongside the esteemed Wates Innovation Network. The InstallerSHOW, taking place on 27th-29th June 2023, is a premier event that brings together industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovative businesses. In this blog post, we'll explore why attending the InstallerSHOW is a must for businesses like ours, highlighting its networking opportunities, innovation showcases, and educational sessions.

Why attend the InstallerSHOW?

  1. Unparalleled Networking: As the largest event of its kind in the United Kingdom, the InstallerSHOW is the perfect platform to connect with industry leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, and like-minded individuals. Building a strong network and fostering collaborations is invaluable for business growth.
  2. Showcase of Innovations: Experience the latest cutting-edge products, services, and solutions firsthand. Staying updated with industry advancements can transform your business operations.
  3. Expert-Led Seminars and Workshops: Gain insights from industry experts through engaging seminars and workshops. Discover emerging trends and learn strategies to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Former attendees have praised the InstallerSHOW's impact on their businesses, with over 10,000 industry professionals attending this year. The event presents an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients, expand your customer base, and showcase your brand.

Joining Forces with the Wates Innovation Network:

Collaborating with the Wates Innovation Network further enhances the InstallerSHOW's calibre. Their commitment to innovation aligns with our own goals, creating a dynamic environment for meaningful interactions and knowledge exchange.

HSG eagerly anticipates the InstallerSHOW 2023, where we will connect with the Wates Innovation Network and immerse ourselves in networking opportunities, innovation showcases, and educational sessions. Attending this prestigious event allows us to stay ahead of industry trends, forge valuable connections, and discover groundbreaking solutions that will propel our business forward.

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