HSG Selected To Join Online Innovation Portal To Boost Transition To Net Zero

Date posted: 19.10.2021

Derby-based HSG has been chosen as an innovation partner for a new self-service, interactive and intelligent marketplace for sustainable technologies.

The Wates Innovation Network (WIN) portal is the first initiative of its kind and has been created by the Wates Group, one of the UK’s leading family-owned construction, development and property services companies, to help businesses ‘build back better’.

The portal will connect companies directly, and free of charge, with partners that can offer solutions to help meet sustainability targets. It aims to create an industry leading network that will accelerate the transition to net zero by showcasing smarter solutions to design, construct and maintain buildings.

HSG launched its simple but hugely effective water conservation system – the Ureco urinal sleeve and Uretech water management system - 12 years ago.

Since then, the system has emerged as a market leader in the industry and has been recognised with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for the positive impact that it is having on businesses from single site pubs to the O2 Arena and the NEC.

As an innovation partner, HSG will feature on the WIN portal alongside 41 other suppliers approved by a screening panel including 40 environmental experts. Users can filter sustainable innovations based on their requirements to find the product and supplier most suitable for them.

The new online portal will enable HSG to connect with businesses directly and better support them in providing tangible environmental and operational savings.

HSG’s Ureco urinal sleeve stops smells by trapping urinal odours below the surface and reduces blockages through our patented enzyme system which breaks down the fat, acid and salt in urine.

This enables the Uretech water manager to reduce urinal flushes from around 96 times to just four times a day - saving money by reducing water consumption by up to 96%.

HSG founder and managing director Simon Rice said: “We specialise in reducing the amount of water used by our customers – whether that is large shopping centres and entertainment venues or a single site office and pub.

“Most people are not aware that the majority of fresh drinking water that is used in a commercial premises goes through the urinals.

“Most urinals flush four times per hour - so every 15 minutes, even at night when the building is empty, resulting in a mammoth 96 flushes per day.

“In a standard nine litre cistern, the amount of water used would be cut from more than 315,000 litres a year to just over 13,000 litres. Not only is this a massive reduction in water usage, it results in a potential saving of more than £750 in water bills and significant reductions in a business’ carbon footprint.

“In addition to the water and cost savings, the patented Ureco technology stops unpleasant smells and blockages which, in turn, negates the need for harsh chemicals being poured in the drainage system and sewerage system.

“We are obviously delighted to be chosen as an innovation partner in this important initiative and look forward to working in partnership with like-minded businesses who share our sustainability goals.”

John Dunne, Group Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director at Wates, commented: “The market for sustainable solutions is expanding fast and companies who are not investing in innovations will soon be unable to compete. The issue is 95% of market ready sustainable technologies never get considered because key decision makers do not know they exist, or suppliers don’t have access to the key corporate decision makers. The WIN portal is bridging that gap, showcasing innovation and helping businesses to meet bold environmental targets.”

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