HSG Launches Smart Water Management Solution

Date posted: 17.04.2018

Derby-based HSG, a market leader in washroom water conservation and services, has further developed its range of water conservation products with the launch of a Smart water management system.

HSG in Pride Park, has developed the Uretech Plus system which is currently on trial at a number of venues ahead of the official roll-out.

It builds on the success of HSG’s unique two-fold system – the Ureco urinal sleeve and Uretech water management system.

This system has already been installed and is achieving unrivalled water and money savings in some of the UK’s top venues from the 02 Arena in London to some of the country’s top football clubs.

The Uretech and Ureco equipment is the market leader in this field by using patented technology to improve the washroom environment.

The Ureco stops smells by trapping urinal odours below the surface and reduces blockages through the patented enzyme system which breaks down the fat, acid and salt in urine.

This enables the Uretech to reduce urinal flushes from around 96 times to just four times a day - saving money by reducing water consumption by up to 96%.

This system will now work in conjunction with the Uretech Plus professional water management solution.

Fitted onto a venue’s existing water meter, Uretech Plus uses the latest Wi-Fi technology to provide minute by minute readings of water usage to a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This provides better knowledge of customer behaviour eg: high usage times with easy to read graphs.

It also alerts the venue to a leak (through abnormally high water usage) as soon as it happens and remotely turns the water off to prevent damage and wastage.

HSG Managing Director Simon Rice explained: “The resounding success of the Ureco and Uretech system led us to start discussing with our customers where we needed to go next to save them even more water and money spent on utilities.

“The resounding feedback was that they required minute by minute information about water usage so that they could monitor high usage and plan their cleaning and facilities management operations accordingly.

“They can also see when and where there is a leak as soon as it happens and have the peace of mind that the system will be automatically shut down before expensive and disruptive water damage takes hold.

“We are currently trialling Uretech Plus with several of our valued customers including Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the initial results and feedback are outstanding so the national roll-out of sales and installation will start in earnest in late Spring.”

Mr Rice concluded: “This is going to be an exciting year for HSG with another innovative product to talk to customers about and expansion planned across the company.

“We are also making huge progress with the roll out of the Cleen Dashboard which enables venues to interact with customers who have reviewed their facilities using the Cleen App, address any issues quickly and better promote their high quality facilities.”

For more information about HSG and the Cleen App and Dashboard – please visit the new-look website www.hsguk.com

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