HSG Appoint Sustainability Champions to Bolster Carbon Initiatives

Date posted: 24.01.2024

Back in September 2023, we shared our detailed Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), which you can read here. To ensure the success of our CRP, we have appointed an internal team of Sustainability Champions.

In summary, our CRP looked at our Planet Mark Certification, which measures Scope 1, 2 and core Scope 3 emissions of HSG’s operations and activities. Our total CO2 output was 157.8 tCO2e for 2022, and our CRP outlines the strategy to reduce these emissions.

In addition to capturing our extended Scope 3 Footprint which will provides us with a full Net Zero baseline, we have set a year-on-year reduction target of 8.5%; putting us on track for our ambitious 2044 net zero target. Progress against our target will be continuously reviewed, to ensure we are remaining transparent and robust in our approach to sustainability In the short-term, we are working towards achieving Carbon Neutrality in line with PAS 2060 - this demonstrates our ongoing reductions, paired with our wider commitment to government recognised carbon offsetting schemes.

To ensure we meet this target, we have developed a devoted three-person team of internal Sustainability Champions, who have been selected based upon their differing roles and expertise within the organisation.

Leading the team is Joe Rice, who works within Accounts and Office Management. His position allows him to have a clear view of day-to-day resource usage and expense, allowing him to seek ways to improve this. Joe is our main point of contact to Planet Mark and reports resource usage data and premises information, such as energy, paper, and fuel.

Alongside Joe is Oliver Lowe, HSG’s Digital Marketing Executive. Oliver’s position allows us to share our sustainability targets and progress in a credible way, both internally and externally. To help bolster information sharing across the HSG team, Oliver recently launched an internal communications tool - Rocket Chat - which will not only help ensure the smooth running of HSG but will also create a platform for which new sustainability incentives and targets can be easily shared in a paperless way.

Completing the trio is Tom Pell, an esteemed and long-serving Ureco Service Technician. Tom is often at the frontline of HSG - installing and servicing our Ureco water-saving system - and gets to see the side of the business that Joe and Oliver do not being office-based. Tom provides invaluable insights to the client-facing side of HSG. This is important because Tom is the closest and the single-handedly largest of our polluters - Scope 1 - company vehicle travel and fuel, which is responsible for 149.7 tCO2e of our total emissions in 2022; a massive 94% of our total emissions in that year.

This team report directly to Simon Rice, Managing Director, who going forward will receive monthly updates and reports to the sustainability parameters set in the CRP, as well as general ideas beyond it.

The Sustainability Champions will soon be tackling the next step of our plan, which is achieving PAS 2060 by Q1 of this year, 2024. Stay tuned for more information regarding the achievement of this established carbon neutrality standard that will be based on our 2023 emissions report measured by Planet Mark.

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