Stop Throwing Your Money Down the Drain

Date posted: 29.02.2024

Nobody likes the idea of throwing money down the drain, however, thousands of businesses do this every single day with unmanaged urinals. Our blog delves into how the Ureco can reduce your water bills by hundreds of pounds per year per urinal which often leads to a rapid return on investment.

Our Ureco System offers a multitude of benefits to an organisation. The massive water savings the Ureco provides lead to reduced utility bills and reduced CO2 emissions. See how we are saving the NHS 7 million litres of water, reducing their utility bills by over £17,600, and reducing CO2 emissions by 7.1 tonnes every year here.

Furthermore, Ureco also significantly reduces reactive maintenance callouts for events such as blockages, which are time-consuming to sort, hurt the user experience of a site, and are ultimately costly. In fact, according to Checkatrade, the average cost to unblock a urinal by jetting is a massive £185.

Reduced maintenance was a major driver in our installation at The Apollo, where Neil McEleney, Site Manager at The Apollo, said:

“Blockages in the urinals were causing ongoing problems for the team. I am happy to say that since working with HSG blockages and odours are no longer an issue.

“Furthermore, learning that the Ureco would quickly pay for itself made the project a no-brainer.”

In fact, 95% of our partners see a return on their investment in the first 6-12 months through the offset of water saving alone. These savings allow for further investment into sustainable solutions, such as energy efficient washroom appliances.

The following table is based on an 11-litre cistern and industry-standard flushing regime, which is every 15 minutes, equating to 96 flushes per day. Ureco reduces flushes to our optimised cycle of just 4 daily, which is typically a 96% reduction overall.

Unmanaged Urinal and Cistern

Urinal and Cistern Equipped with the Ureco System

Daily Flushes



Daily Water Consumption

1,056 litres

44 litres

Yearly Water Consumption

385,440 litres

16,060 litres

Yearly Water Cost



* Based on a UK average water cost of £2.50 a cubic meter.

This table shows that the Ureco System could save you a massive £923.45 in water bills by reducing water consumption by 369,380 litres per urinal and cistern.

Taking these figures one step further, using the average callout cost to unblock a urinal in the UK - £185 - and assuming the urinal blocks twice a year, this poses another £370 saving per year, totalling a massive theoretical saving of £1,293.45 per year, per urinal and cistern.

This means that, beyond the environmental benefits of the Ureco such as reduced water consumption and CO2, it also poses a genuine cost saving to the organisation. Furthermore, the additional benefits of reduced blockages also improves your brand reputation and employee satisfaction, with Tork finding that 67% of employees say that they are more likely to complain about a washroom than any other aspect of their office, which our blog delves into further.

So, why wait? Get in touch with the sustainable washroom experts today and see how we can help your business save water, money, and CO2, and improve your organisation for the better.

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