Washroom Odours Are Damaging Your Reputation - Introducing Odour Lock

Date posted: 21.09.2023

What is an odour? Well, by definition, an odour is a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. However, an odour in the washrooms signifies the presence of harmful bacteria, often containing salmonella and E. coli - to name a few.

Maintaining clean and odour-free urinals has been an age-old challenge that we have solved with our Ureco urinal sleeve. Let's dive into Ureco's patented Odour Lock system – a feature that remains a game-changer in washroom hygiene.

Ureco's unrivalled performance relies on its bio-enzymes, tiny bacterium that work tirelessly to break down uric scale build-up - which is the source of the all-to-familiar ammonia smell of some men’s urinals. Not only do these bio-enzymes prevent uric scale build-up, but Ureco takes things a step further with its ingenious Odour Lock system.

The Odour Lock system works by collecting fluid within the specially designed Ureco outlet. Through the clever utilisation of hydraulics - a fancy term for how water and air act in a confined space - Ureco uses this collected fluid to become a one-way valve to trap air within the pipework below, preventing drainage smells from entering the washroom.

Ureco’s Odour Lock system stands unrivalled, offering a multitude of benefits, these being:

Positive Brand Affirmations

Smells are a fascinating subject. I am sure there is a certain smell, maybe a fragrance or type of food, that takes you back to your childhood. And it takes you back in a way that looking at said object creating the smell never could. Our sense of smell is very powerful as it acts directly on the limbic system, which controls our emotions and memory. A study by The Marketing Society shows that a staggering 75% of our daily emotions are generated by what we smell - not what we see or hear.

It is no surprise then that a study by the Bradley Corporation found that over 50% of people believe an unclean or unpleasant washroom shows poor management and causes them to lower their opinion of the overall establishment. Your washroom is more than just a necessity, it is an extension of your business.

Problems with your urinals will inevitably lead to strong washroom odours, creating an unpleasant washroom experience that the user won’t soon forget and will subconsciously link with your brand. With Ureco installed, users are greeted with a fresher, more pleasant experience – a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual ammonia smell that plagues washrooms.

Soaring Hygiene Levels

Odour Lock captures odours and bacteria, keeping them contained where they belong – within the depths of the pipes. It is estimated that an unmanaged urinal has 500,000 germs per surface inch, and flushing ejects some of these into the air. These bacteria remain in the air for about 30 seconds and then cling to surfaces, which eventually causes odours and is just unhygienic. By reducing flushes from the industry standard 96 times daily to just 4 times daily, Ureco can reduce these ejection events by 96%, significantly reducing the number of harmful and odorous airborne bacteria.

Furthermore, what is the only thing on someone's mind when entering a washroom with that unmistakable ammonia smell? Leaving. And as quickly as possible.

Facilitating hasty exits with strong odours will spread washroom contaminants across the organisation. This is because it is more likely that improper washroom hygiene will be carried out when people visit your washrooms - think flushing, handwashing, and hand drying. This problem becomes even more apparent when you realise that a study by Dyson showed that damp hands transmit 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands - try not to think about that when you next see your colleague frantically flicking their hands dry as they exit the toilets. Encouraging proper hygiene with a pleasant washroom translates to healthier environments for all.

Reduced Reliance on Aerosols

We don’t think about how much of an impact on the environment aerosols have. Although we provide environmentally friendly essential oil-based fragrances, most restroom fragrances will emit harmful aerosol pollutants into our atmosphere. These toxic gasses are harmful to human health, affecting air, soil and water quality.

And, as we all know, trying to mask washroom odours with an aerosol is reminiscent of David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear. It might give an impressive illusion for a few seconds, but you know it is still there and that it will quickly reappear - making the use of harmful aerosols even more wasteful. It is important that germs are removed from their source, and trapping them in the pipework with Odour Lock does just that.

To conclude, your washrooms are likely one of the most visited rooms on your premises, and they provide a way to elevate your perceived professionalism and competence. Ureco’s Odour Lock provides a surefire way to trap strong smells associated with open drains and pipework whilst preventing uric scale build-up.

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