Water set to become more expensive than oil

Date posted: 21.02.2020

Water set to become more expensive than oil

In an article by The Financial Times Jean-Louis Chaussade stated that by 2035 “some 40 per cent of the world population will live in areas facing water scarcity”. Furthermore, when asked if water could eventually become more expensive than oil, he answered “in future, probably yes”.

What can we do to help?

Here at HSG we are ahead of the game and want to put a stop to this. We have a proven range of water conservation products that can cut your water usage by up to 96%. By using these, your company is doing their bit to contribute to a better future - whilst also saving a substantial amount of money.

What products do we offer?

HSG’s hallmark product is the Ureco. The Ureco benefits businesses in multiple ways; by severely cutting down the water usage whilst also preventing costly urinal blockages and foul odours. We have created a great video which perfectly describes the science behind the Ureco in a concise manner, which you can see below.

The Ureco goes hand in hand with our Uretech water management system. The Uretech saves time and money, by providing detailed analysis of onsite water usage, whilst containing a real time clock which facilitates the programming of flush times, specifically to the sites’ requirement.

Our qualified technicians will carry out a full install of both products, ensuring the customer is completely satisfied with the job. An example of an install can be shown here.

How can they benefit me?

Well, the answer is simple. Do you want to potentially save thousands of pounds per year, whilst also doing a big bit to help the planet? (We think we know the answer)

For more information, contact us on info@hsguk.com or give us a call on 0800 032 7760.

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