We Prevented How Much Plastic Waste in 2022?

Date posted: 15.08.2023

We talk a lot about saving water at HSG. And for good reason. Beyond the obvious motive for preserving this life-sustaining resource, saving water poses further benefits in terms of reducing utility bills and CO2 emissions, creating a win-win situation for our partners and for the environment.

So, what’s this about plastic then? Whilst excessive water consumption and CO2 emissions are unquestionably damaging our environment, they are not the only culprits. If you look around, it is almost certain there is at least one single-use plastic item within your view. As we know, plastic is a highly versatile and useful material, but it becomes a highly problematic material when excessively used and not disposed of properly.

What does that have to do with HSG? Urinal sleeves such as our Ureco require specially engineered cleaning products so as to not damage the bio-enzymes in the sleeve, which are sensitive to harsh chemicals and pH imbalance. And you guessed it, these cleaning solutions usually come in plastic bottles. Just one urinal sleeve can get through 3000-8000 ml of cleaning product per year, so 4-10 plastic bottles for just one urinal.

Most urinal sleeve providers will supply a new plastic bottle of their recommended cleaning solution after each service per urinal. This is simply because it is a cost-effective, tried and tested way of supplying cleaning products, so why change it?

We have questioned this status quo with Soluclean. We uniquely provide Soluclean cleaning solution for Ureco through a water-soluble sachet and a high-quality, reusable bottle. This method provides a multitude of benefits, including:

Preventing Plastic Waste - As a result of Soluclean, we prevented an enormous 18,720 plastic bottles from being disposed of in 2022. This is the equivalent of 3.74 tonnes, or seven family cars, of plastic. This equates to 21.2 cubic metres of waste, which would fill two dustbin lorries.

Reduced CO2 Emissions - This 3.74 tonne reduction in plastic use means we prevented 23.41 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere from plastic production and treatment.

Easier Transportation - Because we don’t have to transport bulky liquid-filled bottles, transportation size and weight is reduced by over 90%, which reduces our fuel consumption and vehicle size which further reduces harmful emissions.

Storage Space - One pack of Soluclean is about the size of two A6 notebooks stacked on top of each other, but has the potential to produce 9000ml or 12 plastic bottles worth of cleaning product.

To conclude, this is just another example as to why HSG are the sustainable washroom experts. We consider the environmental impact of all of our products from start to finish, and we are always seeking ways to make our products more sustainable.

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