Whatever the Weather, Workplace Hygiene is Crucial

Date posted: 25.11.2022

Unrelenting coldness. Complete darkness by 4 pm. Defrosting your car. And now, sky-high energy bills. These are just some of the negative things you probably associate with winter.

However, we often don’t think about illnesses until we get a sniffle ourselves. Viruses like the Common Cold and COVID are much more effective at spreading in cold temperatures, leading to a massive increase in illness over the winter months.

Illnesses aren’t nice, but they also sandbag the efficiency of a workforce through higher absenteeism and reduced concentration.

So, why not improve the well-being of your business and everyone within it? Here is a checklist to help your business prepare for colder weather.


Did you know that a trip to the bathroom doubles the number of bacteria on your hands? Your soap reserves are often forgotten about in busy workplaces, but it is crucial for hygiene. Our soap dispensers on a service plan mean you should never run out.

Hand Sanitiser

In just one day, a single bacteria can multiply to 8 million. Sanitiser dispensers provide a fantastic on-the-go hygiene solution that if positioned carefully, will be used by many to keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Hand Drying

Wet hands spread 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands, meaning it is important to have effective hand-drying solutions. It might be time to replace your ageing hand dryers with our Biodriers, which are hands-free to stop germ transmission, and are also 90% more energy efficient, helping with bills too.

Air Care

Neutralising smells provides a pleasant washroom experience for staff and visitors alike. However, harmful bacteria and viruses are often odourless, requiring air purification systems to remove.

Hygiene Audit

Does this all sound like hard work? Well, our free Hygiene Audit encompasses all of the above. We use our hygiene expertise to assess your premises and recommend the placement of appliances to improve your business’s well-being.

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