Urinal Bowl Cleaning Sachets (refills for trigger spray)


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Formulated for cleaning all washable surfaces throughout the washroom and maintain urinal based water management systems. The Biological Washroom Cleaner and Odour Neutraliser contains highly active bio-enzymes to eliminate odours and staining from urine whilst also degrading uric acid and limescale in urinals and on washroom surfaces.

he box contains 12 x 20g powder sachets. The sachets are designed to be inserted into a trigger spray bottle. Once inserted, the trigger spray bottle is then topped up with water and the contents shaken. The outer layer of the sachet dissolves and the product is then mixed and ready for use.

The micro-organisms produce an enzymic effect to break down grime, scale and scum within the washroom area. The highly scented cleaner leaves a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring maximum impact upon those entering the washroom.

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