Urinal Care


A key area of operation for HSG, our Urinal Care products are at the forefront of technology and performance. As male urinals do not contain water at their time of use, so it is imperative to have effective solutions to prevent blockages and keep your urinals fresh. Most companies’ solution normally revolves around excessive flushing of water and use of bleach, but this costly use of water is bad for your water bill — and the environment — while bleach can actually contribute to bad odours by killing helpful bacteria.

So what is the solution? HSG’s expertise in water conservation has recently seen us win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, with our market leading products and effective strategies used by clients from Tesco’s and Pizza Hut, to Celtic Manor. For example, our Award Winning Ureco can help reduce your water usage by up to 96% while keeping your urinals blockage and odour free.

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