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The Ureco

The Ureco is an eco-friendly, Queen's Award-winning innovation that helps prevent costly urinal blockages and foul odours.

The Ureco also substantially reduces the amount of water used to run the facilities.

As urine passes through and around the Ureco ‘bio-cap’ a small amount of bio is eroded into the solution. This activates the enzyme which breaks down the uric salts and limescale.

This results in the formation of a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium which eliminates the need for strong chemicals and cleaning agents.

The Ureco also emits an effective odour-cancelling fragrance which reduces the need for harmful aerosols and air fresheners.

How Ureco Can Help You

  • Saves establishment water and money
  • Helps prevent urinal blockages
  • Substantially reduces foul odours
  • Helps to protect the environment
  • Improves the overall washroom experience
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The Uretech

The Uretech was developed by HSG to give the ultimate level of control to an establishment over their washroom water consumption.

Boasting numerous exclusive innovations, the Uretech unit saves time and money by providing detailed analysis of onsite water usage.

The Uretech contains an internal real-time clock which facilitates the programming of flush times, specifically to the sites’ requirements

This scheduling of flush times provides optimal financial savings without having to compromise on washroom hygiene within the site

Flexible Water Management

  • Saves establishment water and money
  • Real-time clock allows for flexible programming
  • Remote location flush facility
  • Hand held control unit for easy servicing
  • PIR option available

The Ureflush

The Ureflush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills.

Converting a toilet from a single flush to a variable flush with the Ureflush water saver helps control of the amount of water used per flush.

Many 9 litre cisterns can use 11 litres of water per flush as an additional 2 litres of water flow from the ball valve during flushing.

The Ureflush allows the user to easily reduce this 11 litre flush to just 1 litre by pressing the green Ureflush button.

WC Water Savings

  • Saves establishment money
  • Saves water (up to 10 litres per flush)
  • Helps to protect the environment
  • Retro-fit product means easy installation
  • Reduces establishment carbon footprint
  • More efficient than dual flush toilets
  • WRAS approved product

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Toyota Manufacturing UK

HSG Supports Toyota to be a Driving Force for Sustainability

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University of Liverpool

Ureco is Playing a Key Role in University’s Net Zero Plan

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NHS Property Services

The Ureco is Still Going Strong at the NHS

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3 Hardman Square

Manchester Office Building Are Mad for the Ureco

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Apollo Theatre

Ureco Takes Centre Stage at The Apollo

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Motorpoint’s Sustainability Drive is Bolstered by HSG

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Leeds City Council

Maintenance Savings Across Leeds City Council Sites

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Halesowen College

Halesowen College Joins HSG’s Education Provider Portfolio

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Staffordshire University

Ureco Supports University’s Environmental Goals

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Bolton Wanderers FC

Bolton Wanderers FC Sign HSG

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Derby College Group

DCG Teams Up With HSG To Save Water, Money And Improve The Washroom Experience

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NHS Property Services

Healthy Return For Ureco Installation

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Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Derbyshire County Cricket Club Champion Ureco Environmental Credentials

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North West Ambulance Services

NWAS Benefits From Environmental and Cost Savings

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East Midlands Airport

EMA Flying High With HSG

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Premier Foods

New Contract Is Icing on the Cake For HSG

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Still Riding High With Ureco

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Stena Line

Stena Line has installed HSG’s innovative Ureco washroom water conservation system

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Birmingham Museum

Birmingham Museums Trust Reduces Water Usage and Environmental Impact

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Cadent Gas

High Service Standards Delivered for Cadent

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Celtic Manor Resort

Ureco Savings Soar At Celtic Manor Resort

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Shire Foods

Ureco improves the washroom experience for growing workforce

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NEC Makes Olympic Savings Thanks to HSG

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University of Derby

Massive savings, improved washrooms and environmental accreditation makes Ureco a winner

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Seven Restaurant

Savings and Satisfaction Are Top of the Bill at Seven

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Pizza Hut

A nationwide solution for Pizza Hut

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Lancaster University

Water consumption and an improved washroom environment contributes to Green Lancaster credentials.

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Alex Wells

Pizza Hut

Alex Wells - Energy Manager

HSG have given us truly excellent customer service across the UK. We expect the [Ureco] system to save us in excess of £125,000 a year in water bills across our restaurants. The urinal system is working extremely well in terms of reducing issues with blockages and odour.


National Ice Centre & Motorpoint Arena

Jonathan - Housekeeping Manager

The Ureco does what it says on the tin but what sets these guys apart is that they don’t just install and leave you to it. They worked on the pipework until it was right and followed this up with regular visits and even came in on a busy event to make sure all was as it should be.

Gareth Edwards

Nottingham City Council

Gareth Edwards - NCC Energy Efficiency Team

Prior to installation of the Ureco, our urinals had historic issues of blockages, bad smells and high water consumption. These issues have since been eradicated with the installation of the Ureco urinal sleeve system.

Anne Downes

University of Derby

Anne Downes - Energy Officer

The Ureco was installed by Hygienex at our largest site in Derby with a minimum of disruption and has since proved its worth in water savings and odour control. We have seen our annual water consumption drop by almost 8,000 cubic metres (£15,800) since the installation.

Lucy Rawlings

Seven Restaurant

Lucy Rawlings - Restaurant Manager

Customers only tend to complain or give feedback when something is wrong and since the system has been installed – we have had zero complaints. The Ureco system is a simple but incredibly effective way of making sure that the men’s washrooms are a pleasant experience and to save us money at the same time.

Mark Woodhouse

Lancaster University

Mark Woodhouse - Technical Compliance & Facilities

The savings speak for themselves and there is also positive feedback from the cleaning teams about the improved washroom experience. HSG continues to provide Lancaster University a valuable services whose support staff and engineers are both knowledgeable and approachable.

Kelly Hanson

Toyoda Gosei

Kelly Hanson

The benefits of the Ureco system and the air fresheners are obvious and the improvement in the washroom environment has been noticed by employees, cleaners and visitors alike. The service is truly first class with the HSG support team and engineers going above and beyond the call of duty.

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