Introducing the Ureflush, the retrofit product designed to reduce the amount of water used by a conventional toilet. When only liquids need to be flushed, the user can press the green button to reduce water usage by 90%.


The Ureflush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills. Converting a toilet from a single flush to a variable flush with the Ureflush water saver puts the user in control of the water they use.

Many 9 litre cisterns can use 11 litres of water per flush as an additional 2 litres of water flow from the ball valve during flushing. The Ureflush allows the user to simply reduce this 11-litre flush to just 1 litre by pressing the green/chrome Ureflush button!

To ensure the user knows how to use the Ureflush, we provide supplementary graphics that point out the system and explain how it works.

With a Ureflush water saver from HSG UK you will:

  • Save money
  • Save water (up to 10 litres per flush)
  • Protect the environment Show staff and customers you care
  • Retrofit product means easy installation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Have toilets more efficient than dual flush systems
  • Have peace of mind with a WRAS approved product

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